...to Angel of Thursday, a shrine dedicated to the angel Castiel from the tv show Supernatural.

Beware: this site is packed with unmarked spoilers (they're eeeeeverywhere). You may want to avoid roaming around through the shrine if you haven't finished watching the show yet...if you aren't scared of spoilers then welcome again!

Also, I'm apparently no longer able to write a shrine without littering it with personal comments and sarcastic remarks; to simplify reading and making skipping easier in case you aren't interested in them, I decided to give them their own lovely format as follow:

(I am a lovely and yet sarcastic comment, I will be causing you great suffering during your stay here. Do feel free to ignore me if you would like a more searious reading of this shrine's content, but be warned that if you plan to do so I will hunt you down and draw fake moustaches on your face in your sleep.)

Finally, be warned that excessive doses of this character can have the following counter indications:

If the symptoms persists even after 24 hours of abstinance, then I'm sorry to say, but you're freaking doomed! Welcome to the club! 8D

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